About The clinic

Our dental clinic in Bangalore gives you all the advantages of a coordinated team of dental experts, who constantly revisit their skills and keep abreast with the latest innovations in the world of dentistry to give you the best care possible.




Sterilization techniques

We apply stringent standards of hygiene. All instruments and handpieces are heat-sterilized using Autoclave or other equivalent sterilization techniques. We use only disposable gloves, masks, drapes, needles, etc and attention is paid to every detail in such matters. This clinic adheres to all recommendations made by American Dental Association.We have designated a separate lab for sterilization purposes .


Individualized Personal Care

We understand that you, like most people, might be nervous or scared about dental treatment. At our clinic, we give you individual attention. Dr. Rohira and his team will meet you, answer questions, clear doubts and allay your fears. Our clinic offers special treatment for apprehensive patients through counseling, biofeedback, and desensitizing sessions. We help calm fears and make visiting the dentist a positive experience instead of a nightmare. You can even relax in our massage chair while you wait We always encourage our patients to carry their ipods so that it can nullify the whistling noises made by our equipment .

Patient Motivation

We strongly believe that good oral health ultimately depends on you. It is vital that you comprehend the problem and the treatment process. Our intra-oral TV camera will show you a magnified image of the inside of your mouth during all dental examinations / procedures. You can see the problem for yourself on a TV screen in front of you. This will motivate you to take better care of your teeth. It also enables us to recommend treatment at early stages when prevention is still possible.

Dental equipment

We have 4 fully equipped dental chairs in individual cabins, including three Xray units .Our digital Xray or RVG is mainly used to reduce the exposure to the patient .For children we have dedicated a chair where the room is decorated with art work given by the patients to our pedodontist .There are television sets in all the rooms to keep the patients occupied while the treatment is going on ,it also serves as a distraction for really anxious patients .


We understand though that dental problems don't always occur between 9 and 6. We offer round-the-clock emergency service through the year. Please call us at +91 98450 42501 if you have an emergency.